Cades Cove, Smoky Mountains

If you visit Eastern Tennessee, make sure you take the scenic 11 mile car trail around the most majestic mountains I have seen in this area of the country. It only takes about 2 hours and there is not only an enchanting view of the mountains, but you’ll probably see some horses, deer, crows, and possibly uncover some hidden treasures during the tour. The tour is 100 percent free. It only costs the gas to drive your car through. When I took the tour, I was fortunate enough to have a Prius.

The Honda Prius is a perfect choice for the trail because the car can travel up to 20 ro 30 miles an hour on just electricity. I was not disturbed by any engine sound. All there was was the sounds of the chirping and cawing birds. I had not felt that peaceful since I can’t remember. The most amazing feature of the Prius is that it cost be about 40 dollars to drive from Northeast Pennsylvania to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, which then brought me to Cades Cove.

For these photos I am using a wonderful Tamron 12/24 wide-angle that was rented from Dan’s camera city in Allentown. Since I did not have 700 dollars to spend on a lens for only one week of use I just couldn’t justify the purchase. Dan’s camera city gave me a choice of lenses to rent. This Tamron 12/24 has been so much fun since I do not own a lens with that focal range.

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